Lady Miss Kier talk’s music, inspiration, writing methods, and technology with Ladygunn Magazine:

People who don’t know Lady Miss Kier need to really get schooled on some things. First off,  she was not just the singer. Yeah, Kier is an amazing performer but it was the least of her duties in the band. She was also the producer, the songwriter, and costume designer.

Her designs were inspired nature - by insects, butterflies, flowers, and colors “ but mostly other people just walking down the street.” said Kier “Style inspires fashion. And there is no limit to inspiration in this world”.

“The punk rock scene really appealed to me. I was a really angry young girl and the anger wasn’t getting me anywhere so I turned it 180 degrees and turned it into really positive thinking. That was the birth of the band- built on my punk foundation, political, socially aware, but killing the flies with honey” she said.

She also continues to write music- with hundreds if not thousands of songs scrawled in her lyric books. “I’m like Emily Dickinson, they’ll find all of my songs when I’m gone”.

"We really have to be careful with what’s happening. We’re in a technological revolution. We have to call the shots, we have to make sure not to let it rule us.

Technology interests Kier- right now she’s scoring a science fiction animated graphic novel written by a neurosurgeon. “It’s a fascinating story. And I’ve written several science fiction stories of my own”.

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from W magazine June 2013

from W magazine June 2013

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March 12, 2013   Lady Miss Kier by Derek Blasberg

coming in 3rd place was the after party for Kenzo

From DJ Vashtie’s blog:  Lady Miss Kier ! I could have thrown up upon seeing her.She’s so exciting and incredible ! I love her- Vashtie

Big shout out to Nadege Winter Agency for bring us both over from NYC

As per usual, Paris Fashion Week was off-the-wall absolute MADNESS in the most amazing way, with the KENZO FALL/WINTER 2013 afterparty as the icing on the gâteau. OC friends packed the house at Balajo in the 11th arrondissement, where Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite gave an unbelievable performance (which, to the crowd’s insane delight, culminated with “Groove Is in the Heart”!) in between sets by DJ Vashtie + Oscar 1992 and Surkin.   Photos by Harry Carr

Kenzo & Vans threw one of the best parties of Fashion Week. Parisian hipsters and fashionistas (including Jessica Alba,Ebony Bonez,Ellen Von Unworth,Robyn ) all mixed together in an incredibly unknown, unexpected and unheard of club in Bastille, Le Balajo (?) WTF?, who will probably never again see this amount of hot women strutting around their salle again in their existence. Anyway, the Dee Lite live show and Surkin DJ set kept the groove in our hearts all hours of the night and morning to follow.

Photos: Jan Melka & Arthur Mestrot

The Kenzo F/W RTW ‘13 show was a tide-turner, but the after-party may have made an even bigger splash. It launched the next edition of Vans by Kenzo, to the 7 piece LIVE BAND of Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite, Va$htie and other American DJs in Paris’s Balajo.


March 4, 2013  By PAULINA SZMYDKE

Lady Miss Kier Performs at Kenzo Party

The launch party for the latest edition of Vans by Kenzo had a Nineties vibe, much to the liking of Karlie Kloss and Jessica Alba, who were among the party guests at Balajo, one of Paris’s oldest ballrooms, with its original 1936 furniture still intact. Given the age of the location, the acoustics were not exactly sharp, but Lady Miss Kier made up for it with a spirited combination of improvised moves ranging from funk to hip-hop to aerobics. The former Deee-Lite band member kicked off her glittery platform heels, one of which landed directly on the head of her guitarist, to perform a number of new songs as well as Deee-Lite’s greatest hit, “Groove Is in the Heart,” making the crowd go wild. Dancing with abandon, Swedish singer Robyn said it was the first time she had seen Lady Miss Kier perform. Kier said she had four albums in store this year. “Always busy,” she noted in her husky voice, as a bunch of male groupies flashed their iPhones. “Oh, is it a video?” the singer inquired. “I’ll start dancing then” — which she did.